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          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          China Coal is to establish long-term, broader economic and trade cooperation and strategic partnership with a number of large state-owned enterprises and customers, and won t he unanimous approval of them.




          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer,it is a kind of with the blade shaft rotating in the cylinder or tank, will a variety of raw materials mixing, make it become a kind of mixture or machine suitable for consistency.

          Quality products trustworthy


          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer (cement mixer) is a device that combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components.

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer introduce

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer introduce
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer introduce

          For smaller volume works portable CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer is often used so that the concrete can be made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the concrete before it hardens.

          According to the nature of work

          • The intermittent
          • continuous

          According to the principle of the points

          • Since falling
          • forced

          According to the installation

          • stationary
          • mobile

          According to the way of discharge points

          • Tilting type
          • The tilting type


          Can be classified according to a lot of kinds of methods

          The characteristics

          • advanced performance
          • high productivity
          • high mixing quality
          • compact structure
          • ow energy consumption
          • simple operation
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer function
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer function
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer has a variety of functions

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          Make each composition on the macro and micro

          Destruction of cement particle reunion phenomenon, promote the development of dispersion phenomenon

          Initial water damage of cement particles on the surface of compound film wrapping layer

          Material particle collision between friction, reduce dust film

          Increase the number of participating in sports mix each unit cell and the trajectory of the crossover frequency, acceleration and qualitative


          CM2A Portable high output

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer


          Main Technical Parameter
          Model CM-2A Portable CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer
          Charging Volume 260L 300L 350L 400L 500L
          Reclaiming Volume 230L 270L 320L 370L 470L
          Productivity 6-10m3/h 8-12m3/h 10-14m3/h 12-16m3/h 16-18m3/h
          Speed of Mixing Drum 30r/min
          Power Type Diesel Engine/Gasoline Engine/Electric Motor
          Engine Power 4HP 6HP
          Drum Thickness 2.75-3.75mm
          Transmission Way Gear Wheel
          Type of The Tires 4.00-8
          Overall Dimension(LWHmm) 1700× 970×1600 1900×1070×1700 1900×1070×1750 1900×1070×1750 2000×1090×1115
          Weight(kg) 300 320 330 340 400
          Loading Plan 14 sets Per20gp, 28 sets Per 40HC for CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer 12sets/20GP, 26sets/40HC for CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer


          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          1. Small in size

          2. Manually operate and move easily

          3. High speed and super quality for mixing

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer is mainly composed of mixing barrel, loading and unloading mechanism, water supply system, engine, transmission mechanism, frame and the supporting device, etc.

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          constituent part

          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer   CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          Quality products trustworthy

          This CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer is featured by engine power, novel construction, advanced performance, high productivity, high mixing quality, compact structure, low energy consumption, simple operation, etc. Therefore, It is particularly suitable for circumstances like ordinary construction sites, road construction, bridge work and small-sized prefabricated-component factories etc.


          CM2A Portable Concrete MixerCM2A Portable Concrete Mixer CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer
          CM2A Portable Concrete Mixer

          My company with complete production and sales of the mixer, complete variety, welcome your consultation

          The technical details of JZC250T

          Item JZC250T Cocnrete Mixer
          Discharging volume 250L
          Charging volume 400L
          Productivity 6-8 M3/H
          Mixing drum rotational speed 14 r/min
          Maximum size of aggregate 60mm
          Accuracy of water supply Error Less than or equal to 2%
          Mixing motor 4kw
          Water pump motor 0.55 kw
          Tyre specification 500-16
          Maximum towing speed 14 km/h
          Overall dimension 2260*1990*2750mm
          Weight 1160kg

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